Many Hands is a Revolutionary
Collection of Generative Artwork
Created Completely in VR.
100% of Sales Support College Scholarships For Students In Haiti
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Artwork Created Completely in VR

The Many Hands series of generative NFTs was created using Virtual Reality. Artist Patrick Bezalel paints each layer using HTC Pro VR where he is completely immersed in a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment. This approach enables Patrick to bring a powerful new dimension to his artwork.

There are a total of 7 layers with 6 to 7 unique artworks each and these are painted immersively with goggles. These layers are then randomly generated to create unique NFTs using a computer algorithm. This is the union of art and technology at its best!

100% of Sales for Charity

NFTs With A Purpose

The Many Hands NFT collection finances full-ride university scholarships for 32 high-achieving students in Haiti to pursue a 4-year university program. The NFT sales will also help provide each student with a laptop, leadership development, and continuous support throughout their education.

Many Hands NFT

“Men anpil, chay pa lou”

(Many Hands make the load lighter)


According to UNESCO, if all adults in low-income countries completed secondary education, the global poverty rate could be cut in half. Education is critical to breaking the cycle of extreme poverty, yet the majority of Haitians cannot afford to send their children to school.

This initiative gives students the opportunity to break that cycle of poverty.

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Our Collection


Each Many Hands NFT is hand painted by Patrick Bezalel in a virtual environment and then flattened into a 2D image. Each one is designed to function as a Twitter banner.

The NFT artwork represents the beautiful Haitian countryside, villages, and the realities the country continues to face due to poverty.

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Meet The Artist


Patrick Bezalel makes it his life goal as an artist to bring to life the Word of God through art. Appreciating beauty that inspires has been a lifelong pursuit of Patrick throughout his 20 years as an artist, photographer, and designer. He continually pushes the boundaries of fine art by seeking to combine technology and art to create immersive experiences he calls “Living Art”.


Patrick primarily focuses on both traditional and digital media in the genres of hyperrealism, mixed media of oil and acrylic on resin and Virtual Reality (VR) Art.

Patrick Bezalel Arists
Patrick Bezalel Lee: Child of God. Artist. Photographer. Sojourner.

Meet the Team

Patrick Bezalel

NFT Artist

Yaroslav Hetman

Compassion International


NFT Consultant

Ryan Johnson

Compassion International

Courtney Dahl

Compassion International


Compassion International

Austin Taylor

NFT Consultant

Xi Liu

Web3 Developer

Havilah Houston

Compassion International

Lydia Dickens

Compassion International

Lily Chia

Artist Team

Lary Stucker

Compassion International

Bekah DiFelice

Compassion International


Web3 Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

The students we are supporting need funds promptly to begin school this fall!

In the event the student drops out, a new scholarship recipient will be chosen to fill the spot.

No, the students do not need to be Christian, nor do they need to attend a Christian school to receive the scholarship.

You can go to Compassion's main website here. You can also learn more about our financial audits and reports at here.

You can learn more about Compassion's work in Haiti here.

Our NFT minting date will start on Wednesday, July 20th, 2022 at 10:30am (Eastern Time).
Compassion International has been a top rated charity since 1952
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